Dutch American Architectural Restoration Group

HOEK architecture AIA

" professional advice for sensitive preservation of interiors, buildings and their gardens and landscapes "

R estoration and P reservation of Heritage in the "Dutch" Hudson Valley USA

Modern architecture that will last

SMALL PROJECTS = DESIGN AND CONSTRUCT SERVICES ! - because we know how hard it is to get the right craftspeople on the job!

Maintenance advice and Sustainability

Good advice on maintenance can save a lot of money for the owner of the property. A well set up maintenance scedule for over 10 years gives a lot of clearness in costs. Susatinability and energy saving solutions are our common future. Saving our energy and enviromental sources now helps future generations to enjoy our Heritage Values as we do.

Working with us should make you feel good.

We would like to get in contact with you and answer all your questions before we start working for you.

Take your time to consult others to evaluate the differences between approach and skills first.

We can help you to find out what you need for your project. You will get unlimited enhousiasm and 200% commitment on your wishes.

Standard solutions are easy. It is our goal to give you more than standard solutions. It must be personal and quality.

A Dutch approach on Architecture with a signature that last.

Modern Architecture

New solutions for your wishes and comfort. A Dutch approach and signature. Dutch architects are famous for their inventions and sustainability in combination with low costs. It will give your projects a different and personal signature that last.